Small Treasures


Creating this piece Busted!  I was hoping you wouldn’t notice! Now and then I get caught up in the work and forget about the audience.  But you’re here now.  And you caught me.  I took no photos of Entwined while I was still working out the design in wax.  While it was still a sculptural work-in-progress.  …

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Green Piece,an emerald green Pollitt glass sculpture invites you to travel through the turns and twists of its 1'-2" high x 4" diameter design.

Green Piece

Pollitt Small Treasures is joined by Green Piece, an undulating, sweeping 1′-2″ high x 4″ diameter glass sculpture. Complexity of the design is simplified by a seldom-used Pollitt medium polish finish. Its kiln cast color is emerald green.

A pale cooper blue glass sculpture joins the Pollitt Small Treasures ensemble.


Gentle curves in pale copper blue glass twist unexpectedly – and thus define sculptor Harry Pollitt’s distinctive style. Named Fantasia, the 1′-3″ sculpture joins the Pollitt Small Treasures ensemble.

The rose tone of the Sapphire Rose color delivers a softness to this graceful Pollitt Small Treasure


Dichroic glass is expected to change color in different light. Captiva, a new sculpture by Harry Pollitt, even surprised the artist with its dramatic color change. Come see his Surprising Small Treasure.

Harry Pollitt - Zest glass sculpture


Zest This piece was inspired by my first-ever wood and glass sculpture, Genesis. The inner section was a wood sculpture. I liked the minimalized surface areas and structure. But since I never duplicate a piece, I modified the design and had a go at it in glass. I did enjoy this adventure of creating what …

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