Five Pollitt sculptures sold

Midnight Moves was in the Sofa Chicago 2014 catalog. Now, she is in a Collector's collection.
Cascade, kiln cast glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt
Adagio, blue kiln cast glass by Harry Pollitt.
Shape Shifter by Harry Pollitt. Kiln cast glass sculpture.
A glass and wood entertwined sculpture by Harry Pollitt, entitled Genesis.

I could get used to this!

Five Pollitt sculptures sold in the span of 10 days.  That’s a record for me.  Here are my children who are now happily ensconced in Collectors’ homes.

Sculpting is like breathing…

I’ve talked about this at other times, but now the impact is magnified by five.

I sculpt because I have to. For me, it’s like breathing. It’s essential to my emotional existence…and has been for more decades than I can believe.

So, I would sculpt no matter what.  I would sculpt whether or not my pieces were admired or loved enough that someone wants to live with them in the privacy and sanctity of their homes or in their place of business.

The fact that they are collected, for me, is an honor. Very candidly, it’s humbling. And it completes the circle of the sculpture’s existence.

Soul-touching…and air-pumping experience!

Each time a piece has sold over these forty-plus years – wood or glass, and now a wood and glass combination – it has been a soul-touching experience for me. And ignited the exhilaration of an air-pumped YES!  So I leave to your imagination the electric air in my studio and home as those ten days clicked by…and afterwards!

Yes, I’m a grown man, professional sculptor, Spirit-blessed artist. But I also ride a Harley and am a seven year old kid inside who knows how to feel joyful and proud. YES, I DO!!!

The order in which these five Pollitt sculptures sold:

  1. Midnight Moves
  2. Cascade
  3. Adagio
  4. Shape Shifter
  5. Genesis

Other Collected Glass Sculptures

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