Shape Shifter



7″ H, 12″ Dia.


Light-changing glass sculpture

Native American traditions talk about deeply spiritual persons with the power to change forms. Here I sought a light-changing glass sculpture that might capture ghostly, gauzy, swirling shadows with twists and turns balanced on dramatic points of nothingness.

The name also refers to my design process. In previous glass pieces, I utilized the basic form – inside outside curved lines and planes. But, here, for the first time, I incorporated diverging lines. Lines that heretofore I had only used in my wood wall sculptures. I like the effect and will undoubtedly use it again.

Being kiln cast from dichroic crystal, Shape Shifter also shifts colors in different lights from lavender to pink to steel blue. The glass color is called Hyacinth.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work