12″ H, 7″ Dia.


Gracefully fluid glass sculptures

“Under cut” is a term in glass casting used to describe an unsupported curved element. And under cuts are my stock in trade. So this adventure into a gracefully fluid glass sculpture depended upon successful execution of under cuts…or it was a no-go.

There is an adage in sailing that you don’t know how fast your boat can go until you turn it over. So it has been with my glass work right from the start. An under cut in glass is risky business because when glass cools, it shrinks and can crack at the apex of the curve. I don’t know how far I can push the limits until there is a failure. With this piece, I was pushing both the materials and the foundry doing my casting work. What fun is there in playing it safe?

The name Adagio is an ironic play on words. Adagio is a symphonic movement played slowly. It is also a ballet movement that is about fluidity and grace. The name, on the surface, is fitting for the piece, but behind the scenes was great risk and consternation.

Creating this piece

Wax cylinder setting up, wax sculpture in progress, finished work…