Glass sculpture, Limoncelli, sold

Glass sculpture Limoncelli sold ….

as a result of the GLANC visit to Santa Fe.

Citrine-colored glass sculpture Limoncelli by Harry Pollitt shows luminously in the mirrored and lighted collectors' home glass display.
Limoncelli joins this fine glass collection.

My glass sculpture, Limoncelli, is already happily ensconced in her new home (lower right corner of photo).  A big “thank you” to the collectors for sending this photo.  I love seeing where my “children” go.  Limoncelli is certainly in fine company and beautifully presented in this mirrored display.

The story of these collectors’ path to acquiring Limoncelli is, I think, very instructive.  It starts back in 2009 when they were following my wood art.  And it wends its way through multiple SOFA Chicago exhibitions, where my glass sculptures have been represented by Thomas Riley Galleries since 2011.  It was at SOFA that the collectors first introduced themselves to me and,  I believe, saw Limoncelli for the first time.

Then, they attended GlassWeekend2013 at Wheaton Village, New Jersey, where I was honored as a Rising Star by AACG — and they saw Limoncelli (again) in Riley’s exhibit space. (More about GlassWeekend2013)

Small world that we populate, recently, in Santa Fe, when we hosted the Glass Alliance Northern California for a visit to my studio, guess who stepped off the bus with 31 of their glass collector compadres?  Like old home week getting reacquainted, it was fun spending more leisurely time and “talking shop.”  Only days later, these loyal clients of Riley Galleries contacted the gallery in Cleveland to make the purchase.  And, so, another “thank you” goes out to Tom and Cheri at the gallery.  It’s a pleasure – both professional and personal – to be  represented by you.

This happy event highlights for me the  value of the artist/gallery partnership and certainly the merit of personal interaction with collectors.  I delight in opportunities to present my work, share my story, and get into the details of my process and creative journey.  The effort seems to truly enhance collectors’ understanding and appreciation for the work.  That’s very important to me.

A “plug” for my upcoming lecture at SOFA Chicago 2014 …

Saturday, November 8, Transition From Wood to Glass

Speaking of “presenting my work,” I’d like to put in a plug here for an hour-long presentation I’ll be making as part of the SOFA Chicago 2014 Lecture Series.  Mine will be on Saturday, November 8th,  1 – 2 pm, Room 327, entitled Transition From Wood to Glass.  If you’ll be attending this year, consider yourself invited.  And please come speak with me after the talk or at Riley Gallery’s space.  I’ll be there from Opening Night (11/6) through Sunday morning (11/9).  Hope to see you.