Mainsail glass billows in the wind.



1′-2”H X 4” Dia.


My apologies. 

It seems I shirked my duties.  No wax images exist of Mainsail….not one!

Usually I take early-design photos, to catch the evolution of my inspiration-to-glass stages.  Not this time.  (And,  I may as well ‘fess up now, the same be true for another Small Treasure — E-Ride.)

Herewith I offer a very special alibi.  Buffalo Creek Art Center.  If you read my October 2017 announcement here, you know about my privileged invitation to spend six weeks as Artist In Residency there.  Six glorious weeks as it turned out.  Plus there were the weeks on either side both preparing for or coming back to earth afterwards.

Bottom line…no Work-In-Progress images, including finished wax sculpture, exist for either Mainsail or E-Ride.

I feel a little less guilty about not yet having told you about my Buffalo Creek experience, only because I chronicled a lot of it on Facebook.  But, if you don’t do that social media thing, the story is coming here, too.  Watch this space.