Collected Wood

My wood art .... collected

I like sharing details of my collected wood pieces.  They help show how my work has changed over the years.  And how it has remained the same.  How the wood art evolved into abstract wall sculptures.  How my turned pieces grew into turned & sculpted.

If you would like to get into the real nitty gritty and learn more about my ‘no steaming and no bending’ process, I invite you to visit Creating Wood Art.

Collected Contemporary Wood Sculptures

First Born

First Born : Set aside for almost four years because the refinement and sanding process…
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I am humbled to have been commissioned and entrusted with this baptismal font project, blessed…
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Gaia : This piece attempts to capture the concept of everything as a single living…
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Signed and delivered. Wood and glass sculpture commission is named GENESIS. Pollitt creates…
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Morph : Although I’ve often said that I will take my inspiration wherever I…
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Morph III

Morph III : has a maturity that I hope will carry an entire series in…
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Morph IV

Morph IV : A long vertical tunnel runs the entire length of the piece. …
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