Traver Gallery


Adagio: Is a symphonic movement played slowly. It is also a ballet movement that is about fluidity and grace.

Adagio | 12″ h, 7″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Copper Blue | SOLD

Traver unveils New Work

Four of my newest glass sculptures will be exhibited for the first time at a Traver Gallery event in Seattle on Sept 18th…Fluid Dynamics, Escape Velocity, Ode to Morph and Splash. In all, Traver will show seven of my works that evening. It feels like a glass society “coming out party” to me!


On a previous sculpture, I began working with the idea of colliding lines. Attempting to create the illusion of one line passing through another, it was a difficult visual element to pull off. I love the translucent marine blue glass.

Unfathomable | 1′-6″ h, 8″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Aquamarine | SOLD by Traver Gallery

Mystic Light

Engineering plays a central role in my designs. Not very romantic, I know, but the undulating and double back curves are planned engineering elements designed to support things like cantilevers. I love cantilevers, as you’ll notice, when you take a look at Mystic Light.

Mystic Light | 12″ h, 7″ dia | Kiln cast crystal | Dark Orange Red | SOLD by Traver Gallery