Breaching Dolphin

An honored and timely piece

Collectors play a role in my artistic process. They bring my process full circle.

heir action of acquiring a piece says to me (even if they do not express it verbally) that they value the piece enough to want to bring it into their home, live with it, place it among items they treasure. That’s a a great compliment to the work and a high honor for me.

The honor paid by the collector of this piece was extraordinary. In fact, he was not a “collector.” A man of simple means, art did not factor into his life style. But he could not shake the vision of Breaching Dolphin once he saw it. So he arranged time payments with me! On the day of his final payment, he went home holding the piece like it was a baby – and left me wiping my eyes.


9” H, 1’ 4” W, 8” D