Classic Moves



1′-6″ h, 10″ dia.

Sensual glass sculpture

A romantic undulation of lines and planes was my vision. A body moving to soft music in moonlight hours. To materialize it, I set about creating a sensual glass sculpture.

A lot is going on here. There are complex curves, planes, lines – complementing and in opposition to each other. All are elements of architecture & engineering. And, so, the structure is the design and the art is the structure.

Technically, I also pushed the casting requirements further than before. I stretched into a larger and more involved piece.

But that is all so – well – technical. I would rather go back to the romantic and sensual part. Over decades of work and exhibition, there have been countless comments about a certain sensuality to my work. This had not been an overt intent, rather a byproduct of my inner expression. The question occurred to me, however, what would happen if I set out to express sensuality. Classic Moves is the result.

Can you guess what music I was listening to while sculpting this piece…?? Time’s up! It was Ravel’s Bolero.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, finished work