The Mystery of Motion

Morph VII

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Black Cherry wood sculpture

Complementary curves define this Black Cherry wood sculpture.  It is small and graceful.  And I think it moves well and makes a real statement for its size.

The inward sweeping lines are meant to complement each other, even when in opposition to one another. I worked to capitalize on the principles of line, form and balance.

Morph VII
1’- 2” h, 7” w, 5”dia

I admit I borrowed a few line ideas from Morph IV and Morph VI – resulting in its slender, open front curl, and up-swept spire on top.  That influence, I believe is natural and part of my inborn desire to constantly improve on my sweeps and curves.  And, besides, since it’s my work I’m borrowing from, I do not feel the least bit guilty of plagiarism.

Morph IV
Morph VI
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