Precariously cantilevered cast glass sculpture.

Some pieces just seem to “happen.”  They emerge uncontested as if they were simply meant to be.  Pinnacle, my newest cast glass sculpture, is not such a piece.

Cast glass sculpture #32 by Harry Pollitt just completed.
Pinnacle, jade green cast glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt
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Pinnacle| 1′-9″ h, 6″ d | Kiln cast crystal | Jade Green | Inquire
Pinnacle by Harry Pollitt. Kiln cast glass sculpture in jade green.
Pinnacle, one foot-nine inches tall, 6 inches in diameter, by Harry Pollitt.


I knew what I wanted to achieve.  But balancing the structure and aesthetics of the upper 40% of the piece was a significant challenge.  Especially since it cantilevers precariously over negative space.

Wax on. Wax off.

During the wax sculpture phase, I rebuilt this piece six times.  I was trying to “make” it work.  With each iteration, I was adding material to support the upper element. And each time, that “mass” kept getting in the way and detracting from the beauty and flow of line.

It was an interesting left brain/right brain contest.  Neither side willing to concede.  But beauty triumphed.  And, once again, engineering is disguised as aesthetics.  The studio can sometimes produce interesting theater.


Creating PINNACLE… wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work

#32 Pollitt Wax cylinder. Some design lines showing.

Wax cylinder with a few design lines barely visible.

#32 Pollitt Wax. Very rough sculpture.

Still thick after adding “wax on” for the 5th time.

#32 Pollitt Wax. Almost finished sculpting.

This wax looks more like the final sculpture.

#32 Pollitt glass sculpture. Back from Foundry.

Rough glass back from foundry.

Engineered to be graceful, daring & fluid. Pinnacle reaches up one foot-nine inches tall.

Pinnacle. Pollitt’s finished #32 cast glass sculpture.

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