Morph VI

Almost not a Morph

It’s not nice to talk about favorites in front of the children, but Morph VI is one of my all-time favorite wood sculptures.

The lines, movement and proportions just worked so well together. This was another difficult piece to visualize and execute. A real fun challenge.

In retrospect, I should have considered naming this finished piece outside the Morph Series. With a previous piece, named Morph IV, the work had begun to take a new turn – no pun intended.

Morph IV

Actually, this one, Morph VI, is taking fewer turns and becoming more open.  I sense this “opening up,” this morphing, will continue to unfold.


1’- 4” H, 10” W, 6” Dia.

Morph X


My sense of impending design changes was correct — with the exception of Morph X which surfaced itself like a haunting refrain.