Morph XII

Morph XII : One aspect of my designs that I have not discussed much is exemplified in Morph XII. Asymmetry…which I personally define as comfortable unpredictability. It allows walking around this piece, and most of my other work, and seeing different things in the journey.

Morph XII | 1′-6″ h, 10″ w, 6″ d | Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph X

Morph X : I do love the outcome of the movement and tight undulations. It’s fun to allow your eyes to trace the edge-line along its one, continuous, unbroken curve.

Morph X | 11” h, 7” w, 7”d | Windshake Walnut | Inquire.

Chocolate Twist II

Chocolate Twist II : The sense of drama in Chocolate Twist II comes from the contrast between the light colored sapwood and the older, darker interior of the tree.

Chocolate Twist II | 8″ h, 13″ diameter | Spalted Black Walnut | Inquire.

Chocolate Twist

Chocolate Twist : The execution of Chocolate Twist and Chocolate Twist II proved an immense challenge. How to get inside and around and then sand it? Well, I don’t advise trying this at home.

Chocolate Twist | 9″ h, 12″ diameter | Spalted Black Walnut | Inquire.


Trapeze : Designing Trapeze was as much presenting Nature’s inherent beauty as it was my melding with it. Hanging as a wall sculpture, the piece is oriented as the trees stood, lower trunk at bottom, upper limbs spreading at top.

Trapeze | 18″h, 14″w, 3″d | Crotch Burl Walnut | Wall Sculpture | Inquire.

Morph V

Morph V : I purposely selected a wood whose grain and figure would not strongly distract from my intended design. That’s why I chose the wood I most love – walnut. Solid, straight-grained and unfigured.

Morph V | 10” h, 10” w, 7”d | American Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph III

Morph III : has a maturity that I hope will carry an entire series in wood, because I’m having way too much fun to stop now. I want to see where it takes me.

Morph III | 9” h, 6” diameter | American Black Walnut | SOLD


Morph : Although I’ve often said that I will take my inspiration wherever I can find it, I never expected to find it at a party in a bowl of pot-pourri.

Morph | 1′-0″ h, 8″ diameter | Windshake Walnut | SOLD

New Wave

New Wave : This piece insisted on showing off soft lines and wide broad surfaces of its grain and texture.

New Wave | 12” h, 1’-8” w, 9” d | Windshake Walnut | SOLD

Monument Mesa

Monument Mesa : It was a lot of fun for me working this piece – taking the natural formation and imparting sweeping undulations in opposition.

Monument Mesa | 2′-0″ h, 2′-2″ w, 1′-7″d | American Black Walnut | Inquire.


I am humbled to have been commissioned and entrusted with this baptismal font project, blessed with the inspiration for its creation, and rewarded by the response of the donors, ministers and congregation to its grace, power & function.

Gabriella | 3′-2″ h, 2′-4″ w, 2′-6″ d | Russian Hard Maple, American Black Walnut , Hammered Copper Baptismal Bowl | Commissioned

Wave Length

Wave Length : Ordinarily my work is done in complete isolation. Now, all of a sudden, I was setting up a temporary studio in a corner of a custom furniture company in a foreign country.

Wave Length | 2′-2″ h, 4′-3″ w | Swiss Walnut | Wall Sculpture | Inquire.


Gaia : This piece attempts to capture the concept of everything as a single living organism, all interconnected & interdependent, and at the same time acknowledges that we are connected to something larger.

Gaia | 3′-2 ” h, 1′-10″ | American Black Walnut | Inquire.