Morph X

A morph morphs

Morph III, an earlier structured sculpture with lots of negative space & unbroken cureves, influenced Pollitt's Morph X design

Morph III

Morph X was a “second go” at the design of Morph III, the piece I called “Gotcha” because I felt I’d really captured an interconnectedness I had been striving for.  In the elapsed time between my creating these two pieces, my Morph Series had taken on a very different look and feel. But I liked III so much, and it was so well received, that I wanted to do a variant of it.

Morph X, sculptural risky business by Harry Pollitt

Sculptural risky business!

Windshake Walnut with its natural cracks and faults was a risky choice of wood for the complex design that I intended. Plus, it made the piece a real featherweight.

I do love the outcome of the movement and tight undulations. It’s fun to allow your eyes to trace the edge-line along its one, continuous, unbroken curve.

I am seriously considering adding this one to my private collection. What do you think?

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Morph X  |  11” h, 7” w, 7”d | Windshake Walnut |  Artist’s Private Collection.

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