Morph Series

Following The Morph Series from wood art into glass sculpture.

Morph XIV

Morph XIV takes elements from my previous works and becomes a cantilevered, curl-over wood sculpture, as well as a mobius. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it would be part of my inspiration for one of my future glass sculptures, Ode to Morph.

Morph XIV : 1′-4″ h, 10″ w, 6″ d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Morph XII

Morph XII : One aspect of my designs that I have not discussed much is exemplified in Morph XII. Asymmetry…which I personally define as comfortable unpredictability. It allows walking around this piece, and most of my other work, and seeing different things in the journey.

Morph XII | 1′-6″ h, 10″ w, 6″ d | Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph XI

Morph XI embodies my favorite sweeps and sensuous curves, but it also displays a rather dramatic and extremely stylized human form. In the process, it violates the traditional “Golden Thirds” rule. But my roguish nature likes breaking rules.

Morph XI | 1′-6″ h, 7″ diameter | Bay Laurel | SOLD

Morph X

Morph X : I do love the outcome of the movement and tight undulations. It’s fun to allow your eyes to trace the edge-line along its one, continuous, unbroken curve.

Morph X | 11” h, 7” w, 7”d | Windshake Walnut | Inquire.

Morph VII

Slender, open front curl and up-swept spire makes a real statement for the size of this Black Cherry wood sculpture. I borrowed some lines from two previous sculptures in the Morph Series…but since it’s my work, I do not feel guilty of plagiarism. You decide.

Morph VII | 1’- 2” h, 7” w, 5”d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Morph VI

Morph VI : The lines, movement and proportions just worked so well together. This was another difficult piece to visualize and execute. A real fun challenge.

Morph VI | 1’- 4” h, 10” w, 6” d | Black Cherry | Inquire.

Morph V

Morph V : I purposely selected a wood whose grain and figure would not strongly distract from my intended design. That’s why I chose the wood I most love – walnut. Solid, straight-grained and unfigured.

Morph V | 10” h, 10” w, 7”d | American Black Walnut | SOLD

Morph IV

Morph IV : A long vertical tunnel runs the entire length of the piece. Then it splits open and curls in on itself in a decreasing radius curve.

Morph IV | 1′-4″ h, 7″ dia | Cherry | In the Private Collection of Gaye Gravely Pollitt.

Morph III

Morph III : has a maturity that I hope will carry an entire series in wood, because I’m having way too much fun to stop now. I want to see where it takes me.

Morph III | 9” h, 6” diameter | American Black Walnut | SOLD


Morph : Although I’ve often said that I will take my inspiration wherever I can find it, I never expected to find it at a party in a bowl of pot-pourri.

Morph | 1′-0″ h, 8″ diameter | Windshake Walnut | SOLD