The Mystery of Motion

Morph V

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An intended, but lost, “T”

The blank of wood that I started with for this piece had a bit of a T-shape. My intent was to start the curves at the bottom, branch left, then come across the top, and end on the right.  Creating a true “T.”

Well, somewhere along the way, the T got lost and I ended up with this cantilever. I really liked the final shape and decided the piece had not misbehaved by turning out unexpectedly. That was it’s 50% of our partnership.

My part was in purposely selecting a wood whose grain and figure would not strongly distract from my intended design. That’s why I chose the wood I most love – walnut. Solid, straight-grained and unfigured.

This piece, Morph V, sold to a CWA member during the January ’08 Forum where eight of my works were represented by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, along with approximately 60 other artists.


CWA celebrated their 10th Anniversary in January 2008. At their Annual Forum in Scottsdale, they invited me to make a presentation on my art philosophy, history, recent work and future direction. The presentation was well received and generated numerous questions and discussion.

Morph V
10” h, 10” w, 7”dia

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Whether you are an avid collector of glass or wood ... or just love sculpture, I am pleased you are here. I invite your reactions to and impressions of my work. And, if a piece calls to you, please get in touch.