Morph V

An intended, but lost, “T”

The blank of wood that I started with for this piece had a bit of a T-shape. My intent was to start the curves at the bottom, branch left, then come across the top, and end on the right.  Creating a true “T.”

Well, somewhere along the way, the T got lost and I ended up with this cantilever. I really liked the final shape and decided the piece had not misbehaved by turning out unexpectedly. That was it’s 50% of our partnership.

My part was in purposely selecting a wood whose grain and figure would not strongly distract from my intended design. That’s why I chose the wood I most love – walnut. Solid, straight-grained and unfigured.

This piece, Morph V, sold to a CWA member during the January ’08 Forum where eight of my works were represented by del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, along with approximately 60 other artists.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


CWA celebrated their 10th Anniversary in January 2008. At their Annual Forum in Scottsdale, they invited me to make a presentation on my art philosophy, history, recent work and future direction. The presentation was well received and generated numerous questions and discussion.


10” H, 10” W, 7” Dia.