The Mystery of Motion

Second First

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Second First
8″ h, 5″ dia.

My first cross-over piece

My very first glass sculpture!

Creating Second First was an entirely unfamiliar process to me. My learning curve was bent backwards.

I had created a wax cylinder … that I sculpted … sanded … and “finished” … into a positive sculpted wax form.  (An aside. For me to sand wax was a particularly perverse process. The words sandpaper and wax simply do not belong together!)

Then I had sent the wax form to a foundry (relinquishing control of my work for the first time in my 40 years of sculpting!) … to be transformed into kiln cast glass … and brought it back to my studio where I did the final grinding and sanding.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work


Contacting Harry

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Whether you are an avid collector of glass or wood ... or just love sculpture, I am pleased you are here. I invite your reactions to and impressions of my work. And, if a piece calls to you, please get in touch.