Motion driven glass sculpture

My intention was to make this a  motion driven glass sculpture.  To expose the inner core … and draw the eye from the outer structure … to the tight twists and turns … to the inner core … and swirl back out.

Luminous image of Splash, a Harry Pollitt glass sculpture, kiln cast in Jade green
Splash, intended to draw the viewer's eye around, in and out of the inner core, is a Jade green glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt
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Splash  |  14″ h, 9″ dia | Kiln cast crystal | Jade green | Inquire.

My vision was to try and capture that moment when a rock is thrown into a pond and the water erupts upward and then folds back on itself.

Actually, my intention for all my work is always to convey, in snapshot, the feeling of movement or motion that is at play inside me at the moment I laid down the lines on the wax blank. But while doing that, I also try out other moves or forms.

Blue Shift

Blue Shift

Ode to Morph

Ode to Morph

More so than Blue Shift and Ode to Morph, Splash more clearly demonstrates the structural integrity built into the design that is not reliant on a solid mass core.  The architecture and engineering principles I incorporate into my work allows for a greater creative freedom and open, airy results.  Science can be fun and beautiful!

Creating SPLASH … wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work

Imagine shows the very beginning stage of the wax form being sculpted to create Splash, a glass sculpture by Harry Pollitt Progress shown in wax form as Pollitt creates his motion driven glass sculpture, SplashIn finished wax stage, ready for the foundry, on its way to becoming Pollitt's motion driven glass sculpture, Splash Splash, image shows the cast Pollitt piece back from glass foundry.  Sprews not yet removed, grinding and sanding awaiting the sculptor. Splash, luminous and finished by glass sculptor, Harry Pollitt

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