1′-8″ H, 10″ Dia.


Textured surface glass sculpture

This textured surface glass sculpture emerged as a result of my long time intrigue with the Art Nouveau period. I am drawn to it. And many times in the past, I have started to layout lines suggestive of that style, but the end products were always my lines and my style.

I thought it was time to actually try my hand at this evocative, sensual and organic theme and see what would happen.

Here is the result. I must admit, I didn’t expect this outcome! Forgive me, but I’m mesmerized by the combination of texture, shape and color. With one look, she named herself – Mariah.

Yes, it appears to be a significant departure from what I have done before. Yet, it is, at its basic foundation, my rhythmic flowing line – I’ve just added crinkling or wavy intermediate folds and surface texture. I love the visual movement and the feeling of it. It was a very challenging undertaking to sculpt and texture. It was equally difficult to cast and get all that detail. But the final form is its own reward. I know I will venture down this road again.

Creating this piece

Wax sculpture, glass from foundry, finished work

Wax sculptures as I changed my intent to finished work…

If you were following me on my “journey” with this piece early on, you may have been intrigued (or horrified) at my venturing into what looked like figurative work. My intention was to keep it “abstract,” “subtle,” with a “billowy drape.” However, the more I sculpted and shaped it, the less I liked it…so I totally reworked the piece. (A fellow can change his mind!).

Elsewhere on the site, I make mention of not being able to draw.  This adventure certainly adds credence to my self-evaluation…as do the first three wax in “progress” photos above which I saved for you.   The next three images are the “morphing” stage as I added more wax to redesign the piece. So now you know the rest of the story.  At least, as I continued, I stayed with my original concept of a textured surface and dramatic movement.