The Mystery of Motion

Morph IX

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Pushing the limits

Didn’t get enough with Morph VIII? The insanity continued with Morph IX. I guess the question was “How far can I push the limits, especially in Cherry?”

I am hooked on the cycle of challenging myself and accomplishment. How far can I go? What will the material allow me to do? Well, I think this is about it….

So thin… little structure, and in a wood that is not renowned for structural strength.

What was it I said about if I’m not a little bit scared, I’m not growing? I was just glad it was over and it worked out as it did.

Morph IX
1′-3″ h, 11″ w, 6″ dia

Contacting Harry

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Whether you are an avid collector of glass or wood ... or just love sculpture, I am pleased you are here. I invite your reactions to and impressions of my work. And, if a piece calls to you, please get in touch.