T with ‘Tude

T with ‘Tude: I have done mostly vertical pieces in the past. A few pieces went horizontal like Morph II and Levitation. I am always searching for new expressions in my designs. So I thought about combining both vertical and horizontal for this piece…mostly horizontal to get the main element up off the surface.

1′-3″ h, 1’-8″ w, 10″ deep | Kiln cast crystal | Emerald Green | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries

Harry Pollitt - pale copper blue Escape Velocity glass sculpture

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity : I say if I’m not a little bit scared, I’m not doing good work. Well, Escape Velocity had me scared. It wasn’t until I got the wax form down to 9 lbs that it started to “make it.” Somehow it’s the scary part that really drives me.

Escape Velocity: 1′-6″ h, 12″ dia | Kiln cast crystal | Pale Copper Blue | Inquire.

Harry Pollitt - Blue Tango glass sculpture

Blue Tango

SOLD. Blue Tango is my largest glass piece to date at 2′-2″ tall. During layout, I envisioned a schematic representation of dance… tall and slender with open dynamic upward movement. This spiral glass sculpture emerged.

Blue Tango | 2′-2″ tall | Kiln cast crystal | Cobalt Blue | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries

Harry Pollitt glass sculpture - Mariah


Mariah: I thought it was time to actually try my hand at the evocative, sensual and organic Art Nouveau period. To see what would happen. Here is the result. I must admit, I didn’t expect this outcome!

Harry Pollitt - jade green Splash glass sculpture


Splash: My intention with this piece was to expose the inner core and draw the eye…from the outer structure…to the tight twists and turns…to the inner core…and swirl back out.

Blue Shift

For this piece, I called upon several elements that I had incorporated in earlier glass works – intersecting lines and curve-over edges. It’s not plagiarism if I steal from myself! But I also included a more open core, multiple penetrations and three tunnels to play with. I sculpted Blue Shift as a donation piece for an AACG Auction.

11″ h, 8″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Cobalt Blue | AACG Auction Donation, SOLD at GlassWeekend 2013

Red Shift

Red Shift: On previous works, I had been noticing hints of shapes and colors being projected onto one side of the piece by design structures on the other side of the piece. With Red Shift, I intentionally planned for that occurrence and chose a glass that does dramatic color shifts depending on the thickness.

Red Shift: 1′-3″ h, 8″ dia | Kiln cast crystal | Inquire.

Mythic Fire

At 1′-8″ tall and over 50 pounds, this was my largest (and, if I may say, one of the most dramatic) pieces to date.

Mythic Fire | 1′-8″ h, 10″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | SOLD by Holsten Galleries.


When this sculpture was still in wax form and nearly finished, collectors stopped by the studio. They fell in love with the horizontal layout and wanted to add it (finished, of course) to their most impressive glass collection. She chose the color and it was off to the foundry. The rest of the story was harrowing – but with a great ending.

Levitation | 11″ h, 1′-9″ w, 12″ d | Kiln cast crystal, Lime Green | SOLD

Event Horizon

This glass piece was a fun project because it was my first “design as you go” glass sculpture. No layout lines in advance, just start working and see what happens. I conceived it as horizontal. Hmmm. What do you suppose happened?

Event Horizon | 1′-8″ h, 1′-6″ w, 8″ d | Kiln cast crystal | Cobalt Blue | SOLD by Thomas R. Riley Galleries

Canyon Song

Canyon Song was my second attempt at running a penetration from top to bottom. The color and shape remind me of pictures I’ve seen of the canyon lands in Arizona. I must see that someday – and envision myself standing inside one of my own sculptures.

Canyon Song | 1′-4″ h, 10″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Apricot | SOLD


On a previous sculpture, I began working with the idea of colliding lines. Attempting to create the illusion of one line passing through another, it was a difficult visual element to pull off. I love the translucent marine blue glass.

Unfathomable | 1′-6″ h, 8″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Aquamarine | SOLD by Traver Gallery

Firth of Forth

Tunneling in any medium is a difficult and challenging proposition. I used a wood boring bit with an electric drill and quickly learned that I must go very slowly or the frictional heat of the drill melted the wax – and then fused the drill in place. Fun! The piece is named in honor of my Mother who was born in Scotland not far from Firth of Forth.

Firth of Forth | 9″ h, 10″ diameter | Kiln cast crystal | Jade Green | SOLD